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Find the best sports betting sites that serve Arab nations & the Middle East in 2023.




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New customer bonuses that are available to residents of Arab nations:

Unfortunately, many of the new customer bonuses offers available at international online bookmakers are made with regional interests in mind, and oftentimes customers from GCC nations are left out.  Many online bookmakers look to target new customers in preferred regions, often in the UK or parts of Europe.  It can be frustrating if you see a banner advertisement for a new customer bonus, only to visit the site and read in the fine print that you are ineligible because you live outside of these countries.

This is why we only list new customer bonus offers that are open for most Arab and Middle East nations.  You will find these listed at right, down the page.  For the Betway Arab bonus, read their review or simply click to visit them.  To be sure you will be eligible from your country of interest, click to learn about the betting sites that serve your particular Arab country.  All the available bonuses are also listed on the respective pages that discuss the available betting sites for each individual nation.

With regard to bonuses in general, note that all bonuses come with terms and conditions.  These will include the wagering requirements, outlining how much you will need to rollover your deposit amount, (this is generally a multiple of your deposit, such as 5X or 6X).  There will also likely be minimum odds requirements.  So, all your bets toward earning the bonus will need to be above odds of for example 1.50 or 1.70.   There will also likely be time limits and deposit method restrictions.  Many bonuses exclude payments via Skrill or Neteller for example.  In the end, a bonus can be nice in adding extra value as you sign up.

Mobile sports betting in the Arab world: Are there iOS or Android Apps available?

Mobile sports betting can be a contentious issue within the Arab world.  If you are going to bet from a mobile device, do be careful in understanding your surroundings.  Use your device discreetly as you never know who might be looking over your shoulder and what their views on gambling and sports betting might be.

Beyond the issue of discretion, sports betting with your mobile phone in the Arab nations will need to take place through the mobile websites as offered by each of our listed betting companies - they all offer them.  Apple and Android apps with regard to sports betting are only officially available to customers in a very limited few countries and will not be available in your country.

Rest assured that the mobile betting experience that is available via your mobile web browser is extremely good.  You will have access to essentially the full complement of available betting markets and betting features as compared with the desktop version or the apps.  Furthermore, the lightning fast LTE networks of Etisalat, STC, Ooreedoo and others that have been built across Arab nations to supply very quick responses, which is important when you bet live and in-play.

The one aspect of your mobile betting that may be limited is with regard to the kinds of banking with which you may proceed. You will likely be able to deposit via your mobile, but withdrawals are often only available by managing your account wallet from a normal desktop or laptop interface.

Companies that offer Arabic Betting sites:

Obviously, you’re here, so you are comfortable operating in English.  However, if you would prefer to play at an online bookmaker that offers its website in Arabic, there is only one reputable Arabic betting site like this in the world today. It’s BetVictor. We have not completed our BetVictor review since they’ve made GCC nations a priority market area for themselves - but rest assured, they will be among our top listed providers above very soon. For now, know that they have been visible in the market with many past EPL partnerships with clubs like Liverpool, Fulham and others. Get great football odds and coverage with BetVictor, and enjoy the comfort of a site and customer support in Arabic if you want it.

Note that there is another very visible betting brand that operates with an Arabic site version, but they are NOT a reputable provider. This disreputable provider is called 1XBET.  If you win significantly more than you lose when playing at 1XBET, they will find a way NOT to pay you. This usually happens through account suspension and confiscation of winnings.  When this happens, they usually say that they have detected suspicious activity in your account and thus have the authority to do this, pointing to their terms of use.  If you want a reputable provider, use our recommended brands that all also serve the UK in addition to GCC nations. Avoid 1XBET. Don’t get lured in by a bonus or their ‘high odds’. You will never win big with them and actually get the money.

All our other  listed betting sites operate in English, so if you are comfortable in English, your choices are obviously a little wider as found in our list above.  If you prefer French, Betway & Unibet offer their sites in French.

What is KYC or Know your Customer? - Confirming identity is for all, not just Arab bettors

Every reputable betting site around the world is mandated by their regulators to establish procedures that inhibit money laundering.  These procedures are applied to all customers, not just those from GCC countries.  Before you will be able to withdraw funds from your betting account, your online bookmaker will ask you to upload scanned copies of government issued identification and a document like a utility bill that confirms your identity and your place of residence.  

Your document information must match the information that is used to register your account.  This account verification process often only takes about a week or less to complete with most companies.  Do not worry, you can start betting immediately upon your first deposit.  Only withdrawals are contingent on the KYC account verification process completion.  It is best to show some patience regarding these mandatory rules.  Everyone has to wait for their documents to be approved.  To prevent having to wait on your KYC process during your first withdrawal, start the upload of documents soon after you register.  You do not need to wait to verify your account.  Get it done early.

Which Arab sports betting sites offer the best odds?

Each betting site approaches odds in a different way.  Know that any betting site listed above can have the highest-paying odds for any given betting market result.  In the end, odds pricing is heavily reliant on how a given bookie’s customers have placed their stakes.  They will change their odds in order to balance their potential liabilities.  However, you should know that some bookmakers look to offer better odds more often by incorporating a smaller profit margin into their odds.

Most betting sites, those that offer bonuses, tend to have margins around four to six per cent for the major events and betting markets.  These same sites often increase the margins to eight to 10 per cent or higher for proposition bets or those outside the most popular markets or sporting events.  

If you are interested in always knowing which bookmaker is offering the best odds for your single, combination or system wagers, you might be interested in an odds comparison site.  They may allow you to find which betting site offers your best odds very quickly.  This can be important as your potential payout as determined by the odds can vary by over 40% on combination wagers or outright winner bets.  These services may also offers a feature that allows you to instantly find premium bets, where the top-paying bookmaker is paying significantly higher than the middling bookmakers.  

How to bank or pay with betting sites from Arab Countries: Tips & best payment methods

You cannot bet on sports if you cannot deposit and withdraw funds.  Hence, bookmaker banking methods are an important point of interest to consider as you look to register with your betting site of choice.  As such we will outline the most popular banking methods for use from Arab nations, cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and Bitcoin.

Can you use credit cards and debit cards at betting sites from Arab nations?

Note that Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are essentially available to be used at all betting sites from customers in all Arab nations.  However, you may wish to make payments by using an intermediary method like and e-wallet or prepaid solution.  This would allow your betting site payments to be made in a more anonymous manner compared to those that might be recorded directly with your local financial service providers like credit or debit cards based at your local bank.

Can you use e-wallets at online bookmakers from Arab nations?

With an e-wallet, you register, set a base currency and then fund the e-wallet via a credit card or bank account.  Your locally-based transactions will be with the offshore e-wallet company, not the betting site.  E-wallets are used for all kinds of online transactions, not just betting or gambling.  To avoid extra currency exchange fees, look to set your betting account currency to the same currency as your e-wallet. The most compatible currency with e-wallet providers from GCC nations tends to be the US dollar, though Euros and British Pounds are also often available as a base currency.  

The most widely accepted e-wallets at online bookmakers are Neteller and Skrill.  These are accepted by essentially all betting sites and are available to use from nearly all Arab nations.  The exception to this is the UAE.  You cannot register and use Skrill or Neteller from the UAE.  This brings us to other popular e-wallets for sports betting: EcoPayz is accepted by almost all of our listed betting sites and is available to use from all Arab nations.  MuchBetter is an e-wallet app that you may download to your tablet or phone.  It is also growing in acceptance at betting sites and is available from  all countries.  Note that PayPal, is not available for use with sports betting sites from most countries, including Arab ones.

What prepaid solutions are available to use at betting sites from Arab nations?

Paysafecard is the most widely-used prepaid solution with regard to sports betting and it is available for purchase at many local retail locations in in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.  Once you buy the paysafecard, it is essentially like using cash online.  When you deposit the funds to your betting site, they are completely anonymous, not connected to any bank account or credit card based in your home country.  Paysafecards are for deposits or payments only.  Withdrawals from your betting account would need to be made to another method.  Once at the betting site, simply go to the cashier page and enter the code number on your card.  The funds will then deposit into your account.  Paysafecards are available to purchase .  You may visit their websites in English or Arabic in order to learn more and to find available locations for purchase: paysafecard Saudi Arabia, paysafecard Kuwait and paysafecard UAE.  

Can you make and receive payments in Bitcoin with online bookmakers from Arab nations?

Lastly, you may ask if you are able to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin with a betting site from Arab nations.  The answer is no, not with these sites.  

Which betting sites offer accounts in local Arab currencies?       

Of course it makes sense that you might want to establish a betting account in your local currency in order to remove the complication and cost of currency exchange.  Fortunately, Betway offers a selection of accounts in Arab currencies including the Saudi Arabia Riyal, the UAE Dirham, the Kuwaiti Dinar, the Qatari Riyal, the Bahraini Dinar, the Omani Rial, the Egyptian Pound, the Moroccan Dinar among others.    

Note that if you want to bank and play directly in your local Arab currency, you may have a narrower choice of payment methods.   We discuss these options by country.  If you do choose to play with any of the other excellent companies that are listed, you will need to select an account in a currency such as the US dollar, Euro, or the British Pound.  If you do this and you also look to register an e-wallet as your bookmaker banking method, you should look to register your e-wallet account in the same currency as your betting account to avoid an unnecessary layer of currency exchange fees.

VIP sports betting for wealthy Arabs: Which betting sites have the highest limits?

All our listed Arab betting sites can handle serious wagering action.  Most betting sites listed above set their limits in terms of the maximum that may be won by a given person, on a given day.  Within this framework, there are usually tiers for maximum win limits.  The highest tier limits tend to come when betting on the major betting markets (match winner, handicap, totals etc.) from the most popular sports leagues and competitions, like the biggest European football leagues you know and love, and the most popular North American sports leagues.  

In a general sense, each of the sites that set daily win limits have maximum win limits from 250,000 to 500,000 Euros or equivalent per day.  The world’s biggest betting site brand even offers limits in excess of 2 million Euros per day.  If one looks to bet on events within leagues that are less popular or on betting markets that are less popular, the associated maximum win limits will be lower, so if you bet big you should be aware of them.  For example, if you place a combination bet with five Premier League match results, your bet will likely be within the highest possible win limit tier.  However, if you were to have the same combination bet, but you add a match result from a much lower league, the entire combination bet would take on the tier win limits as associated with match result on this lower league game.  If you intend to bet big, this is something to investigate in the betting rules at your site of choice.  

If you really want  a VIP experience, you might want to consider 10Bet because of their exclusive ‘The Ten Club’ which includes dedicated account managers with Whatsapp support and lots of special offers with reduced rollover requirements.  10Bet’s VIP account managers also provide support in Arabic. So if you know you will be at a level of play that warrants serious VIP attention, 10Bet is an amazing option. BetVictor is also accustomed to serving VIPs from the Gulf Region states, as they offer their website in Arabic and also offer customer support in Arabic.  

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Sports Betting Laws in Arab countries: Is it legal to bet on sports in the Arab World?

You likely will not be surprised by the answer.  As most Arab nations are predominantly Islamic, gambling in all forms is often banned - technically illegal.  However, there are varying degrees to which the different national governments within the GCC and surrounding regions look to police gambling.  For the most part, these governments do not like when people attempt to gamble or bet in public.  Also, they will often crackdown on people that look to operate so-called ‘gambling dens’ where individuals establish rooms with casino games, card games or bookmaking.  It is best to avoid these operations as they come with a higher risk for you.

However, betting on sports from the privacy of your own home through a betting website or online bookmaker seems to be less of an issue.  Many governments have yet to block access to these  betting sites, even though they have the ability to do so.  Many forms of objectionable content have been blocked within Arab countries, but sports betting sites are often seen as a less objectionable form of content.  While it may counter Islamic law, the reality is that so many people enjoy watching top-level sports.  As sports betting is legal in most of the places in which the top sports and leagues originate, betting brands are visible to people around the world, including the Arab world.

While gambling on sports from the Arab world is certainly frowned-upon, the reality is that those at the top of various Arab nations, the heads of state, enjoy both sport & horse racing.  Especially when it comes to horses, many Arab leaders have been known to wager on their own horses.  Furthermore, some, through their ownership of top football clubs have corporate partnerships with top gambling companies.  As such, it could be seen as too much of a double standard to block betting sites given these points.  With that being stated, the situation with regard to online sports betting in each Arab nation is different.  Find links to the right to read about the applicable situation in your country of residence.  If you find that some of these bookies have been blocked, good VPN companies may include Express VPN or NordVPN.

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